In 2019, Sea Harvest launched numerous marketing campaigns that set a tone for what customers could expect to see in 2020. As a way to increase awareness for Hake in South Africa, Sea Harvest began the “Make-It-Hake” umbrella campaign which inspired various campaigns to follow in 2020.

Revamping the Fish Products

The company set out on a project last year to launch the new product-revamped fish fingers with a new crumb of exceptional quality, and a new recipe that gives the fish fingers a great taste. Together, with the launch of the product, was new packaging for the fish fingers that featured the company’s very own superheroes: Captain Crisp, The Incredible Hake, and Omega Mind.

Sea Harvest Mealtime Heroes!

Sea Harvest’s Fish Finger Mealtime Heroes form part of a campaign that introduced the new fish fingers products to the market. The campaign makes use of fun, kid-centric mascots to connect with parents and kids. The Mealtime Heroes act as figures reminding parents of their hero status in their homes, with a message that parents can be heroes by giving their families quick, convenient, and healthy meals using Sea Harvest fish products. The characters can be seen on the company’s social media communication, in-store promotions, print ads and fun, kid-focused merchandise such as activity books, lunchboxes, caperons etc.

Fish n Tips

fish and tipsOnline and social media campaigns continue to be the focus of the company. Sea Harvest’s very own “Fish n Tips” campaign has been doing exceptionally well on social media. The campaign is a series of hacky videos showing parents quick and easy fish-based recipes. There has been a considerable growth in people engaging with the brand on Facebook, where views on the platform reach thousands and the number of shares, saves, and reposts grow with each new video released.

Ladismith Cheese Company

Sea Harvest also placed its focus on the newly bought company, Ladismith Cheese. Research was done to find out what customers like from cheese and butter products – from the kind of taste/quality they prefer to what they like to see from cheese and butter brands. Sea Harvest then focused on various changes to improve the brand and meet customers’ expectations. Changes were mainly seen on the company’s logo, on the packaging, and on social media.

Sea Harvest looks forward to many more marketing adventures in the new year. We are dedicated to growing in the hearts of parents and kids across the nation with our delectable fish products and recipes!