Chilli Prawn Pasta

chilli prawn

Need comfort food? Or just want something filling to keep you on the go? This quick and easy Chilli Prawn pasta is exactly what you need.

Seafood Potjie

Seafood Potjie

At a get-together of family and friends, nothing beats the alluring aroma and tantalising taste of a potjie, especially one that simmers with the succulent smack of the sea. Potjiekos has already been a part of our culture for ages, so don’t hurry the process… The longer your potjie cooks, the better it gets.

Mozambique Prawn Curry


Mozambique cuisine is greatly influenced by the Portuguese who colonised the country for 500 years, and has at its core a variety of delicious seafood dishes. Mozambique’s friendly people consider their shellfish to be the best in the world. Here’s a taste of one of their favourite local dishes.

Prawn and Kingklip Curry


They say if spices were cars, a curry would be a showroom. Kingklip and prawn curry, also known as Cape Malay Curry, is a celebration of spices complementing the fresh taste of the sea – a perfect blend of cultures resulting in a dish that is uniquely South African. This one’s perfect for dinner parties!


Seafood Paella

Many believe that paella happened almost by accident. After royal banquets, the Spanish kings’ servants would mix the leftovers in large pots to take home. The name paella comes from the Arab word “baqiyah” for leftovers. There are as many versions of paella as there are cooks. Here’s ours.