Parmesan Crumb Crusted Hake

Parmesan Crumb Crusted Hake. Quick & Convenient comfort food! Enjoy this delectable feast of parmesan crusted hake, accompanied by a creamy dill & parsley sauce.

Pan-Fried Harissa Hake with Charred Tomato & Olive Sauce

Add a spicy twist to our Sea Harvest Hake Fillets with this recipe for Pan-Fried Harissa Fillets, served with charred tomato and an olive sauce! This flavourful summer dish will leave your family wanting seconds! This recipe is sure to spice up your dinner!

Salonika Saganaki

Salonika Saganaki was created by the people of Northern Greece. The spicy hints of red chili and paprika are characteristic of the Pontian Greeks who also happen to love their seafood. This dish is the perfect marriage of delicate flavours of the sea and gentle layers of spices that make the taste buds tingle.

Baked Fish in a Cheesy Pepper Sauce

With its delicate, mild flavour, Hake isn’t usually paired with cheese. Some believe the tang of cheese will overpower the fine flavour. We’ve decided to break the rules with this mouthwatering dish. Give it a try and you’ll see why fish and cheese should certainly appear on a plate together. Enjoy!

Crumbed Squid Rings and Cape Hake Gatsby

The Gatsby has a long-standing tradition in Cape Town, especially in the Cape Flats, Woodstock and Salt River areas. Late Friday and Saturday night food includes Gatsbys, chip rolls and burgers. This is our calamari and Cape Hake version of the great Gatsby. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Homemade Fish & Chips

Enjoy this classic combination of battered fish and potato chips with your Family tonight!

Fish Breyani

Breyani, or Biryani, comes from the Persian word, ‘birian’, which means ‘fried before cooking’. Legend has it that Mumtaz Mahal, the beauty who sleeps in India’s Taj Mahal, created this dish as a ‘complete meal’ to feed India’s armies. Here in South Africa, breyani is a cherished, family meal.