Easter Pickled Fish

Pickled fish is a Cape Easter classic. Try this quick recipe for this much-loved favorite.

Soy & Ginger Glazed Fillets with Egg Noodles

Easy to make yet stunning Soy & Ginger Glazed Hake Fillets with Egg Noodles packed with healthy vegetables and protein! This yummy recipe will take your tastebuds on a tantalizing trip to Southeast Asia and also impress any dinner guest, and the best part is it’s super quick and easy!

Provencal-Style Crumbed Hake


Whether it is to impress your parents, the boss or the posh neighbour down the road, sometimes you need to pull out all the stops.

Brazilian Fish Stew

Sea Harvest Fish Recipe

Warm up with this delectable duo of hake and prawn in coconut and tomato sauce.