Crisp & Chunky Tempura Onigirazu

A sushi-style ‘sandwich’ with Crisp & Chunky Tempura hake fillets, crunchy veggies and roasted aubergine slices snugly wrapped in nori. Yum!

Sushi-inspired Sticky Rice Stack

This dish looks fancy but is deceptively simple to make. A bed of sticky rice with chunky avocado, vibrant slaw and delicate tempura-battered Fish Friday Lemon.

7 Colours Sunday Bowl

Elevate your Sunday meal with this dish of crispy tempura-battered Fish Friday Lemon atop a bowl of noodles and a rainbow of vibrant veggies.

Sports Saturday: Fish Friday Sliders

The perfect blend of crispy tempura-battered hake, creamy smashed avocado, and tangy pickled onions hugged by a soft slider bun – game day just got a whole lot tastier.

Fish Friday & Crisps

A take on fish and chips but with yummy homemade crisps. Pickled jalapeño salsa adds a fiery bite.