So… What do you feel like having for dinner tonight?

Sea Harvest is proud to bring you, not only the finest fish around, but also a variety of exciting ways to prepare it…
And don’t just stick to dinner – we’ve got breakfast and lunch covered too. Enjoy!

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Recipe Books

Secrets of the Deep

The stories and recipes of Sea Harvest. The past 50 years have been good. The next 50 years will be even better. This is just the beginning.


Fat-less Feasts

Not all healthy meals have to be bland in taste and appetite appeal. Our Fat-less feast recipes will show you how to make delicious and quick meals that the whole family will love.


Back to School

Most often back to school means back to the kitchen for moms and endless hours of cooking. Thankfully we have devised some really easy recipes for you and the kids to enjoy. They are healthy and particularly wonderful for evenings when you do not have the time to prepare difficult meals.


24/7 Gourmet on the go!

With a focus on modern lifestyle and with a little help from a few cooking experts we have put together a collection of recipes which are nutritious, sophisticated, tasty, stylish and with minimal preparation time! In short, a cheat sheet for the savvy city dweller!


Flavours of the World

A celebration of all the diversity that good fish offers – this collection of flavours from around the globe will inspire a wide range of delicious meals for you and your family. From China to Spain you can eat your way around the world with these great fish recipes.


Smart Recipes

Not everyone enjoys cooking and even fewer have hours to spare slaving away in the kitchen… which is why we have developed these imaginative, easy to prepare recipes which are simple, delicious and versatile enough for every occasion.


The Instant Gourmet

Fancy yourself as a bit of a culinary wizard? Our collection of easy to follow recipes will have you preparing delicious, professional grade meals in the comfort of your own kitchen. Tantalise your friends’ and family’s taste buds with everything from delicious appetizers to exquisite snacks. Bon appetite!