Celebrating World Ocean's day - Our Oceans, our Future : Sea Harvest


Date Posted: 8 June 2018

Celebrating World Ocean’s Day – Our Oceans, our Future

A healthy ocean is critical to our survival and, every year, World Oceans Day, celebrated on the 8th of June, provides a unique opportunity for communities to engage in activities aimed at protecting the oceans.

The water that covers parts of the earth not only generate most of the oxygen we breathe but also contributes towards food security, creating employment and regulates our climate.

As a member of the Responsible Fisheries Alliance and managing its business sustainably, Sea Harvest is helping to ensure that ocean stock are not depleted and that our future generation are still able to enjoy the benefits of the ocean.

In 2004, the South African hake industry was the first in the world to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the global gold standard for sustainable fishing and held onto the certification ever since. As a result, Sea Harvest’s South African Cape Hake products can proudly carry the blue MSC logo, assuring consumers of environmentally responsible fisheries management.

Sea Harvest’s sustainability practices include the following:

  • Cleaning up all hydrocarbon spills immediately to prevent it from flowing into the ocean;
  • Complying with the conditions of its Coastal Waters Discharge permit issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs;
  • Working towards reducing its freshwater consumption;
  • Recycling and reducing the volume of waste generated at its land-based facilities and at sea;
  • Conducting bi-weekly beach cleanups in Saldanha;
  • Monitoring the jetty and harbor for any visible pollution on a daily basis;
  • We teach our sea-going staff about sustainable practises and we have been running this for the past 10 years; and most importantly…