What we stand for

Our Vision:

To be a leading and responsible diversified global seafood and agri business.

Our Mission:

To responsibly harvest and add value to natural marine resources, in order to exceed customer expectations, whilst providing sustainable employment and positively impacting the communities and stakeholders we serve.


Our Anchors


  • We act responsibly
  • We act responsibly
  • We do what we say
  • We respect diversity
  • We are passionate about our business
  • We savour the sea
  • We act responsibly

Our People:

Our people are our most valuable asset and Sea Harvest strives to establish a pleasant and motivating work environment where employees are respected and treated fairly. Sea Harvest promotes and rewards dedication and high performance from its more than 4000 employees through the Heroes of the Sea programme. The award criteria are linked to the company’s five anchors to ensure that it becomes a fabric through the organisation and contributes to the realisation of a cohesive family that promotes individual growth and service delivery of the highest quality.