The Sea Harvest Group is a leading, internationally recognised fishing and food business with operations in South Africa
and Australia, servicing retail and food service customers in 22 countries.
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Sea Harvest Corporation (Pty) Ltd

Sea Harvest is a South African fishing company established in 1964 on the Atlantic West Coast of South Africa. As a vertically integrated company, Sea Harvest owns all its fishing vessels and processing facilities. The company markets and distributes its wide range of seafood products across South Africa and to 22 countries around the world.

Sea Harvest is a household brand in South Africa. According to the 2016 Icon Brands Survey findings, Sea Harvest was the 7th most iconic brand in South Africa and the highest scoring seafood brand. The Icon Brands Survey, conducted in association with Target Group Index, is one of the largest of its kind in South Africa and covers 19 sectors, 163 categories and a multitude of brands.

As the leading seafood brand in the South African retail market, Sea Harvest’s products are available in more than 2 000 stores countrywide.

Sea Harvest Aquaculture (Pty) Ltd

Sea Harvest Aquaculture is the majority shareholder in Viking Aquaculture which owns aquaculture operations in South Africa and Namibia that produce and market Abalone, Oysters, Mussels and Sea Trout.

Desert Diamond Fishing (Pty) Ltd

Sea Harvest has an investment in Desert Diamond Fishing which owns the MV Desert Diamond, a dedicated horse mackerel fishing vessel. This vessel catches and processes Sea Harvest’s horse mackerel quota and is operated by Blue Continent Products (Pty) Ltd.

Sea Harvest International

Sea Harvest International represents all of the Sea Harvest Group’s international operations. The first of these operations is Mareterram Limited, a vertically integrated agri-business listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Sea Harvest acquired a controlling share in Mareterram in 2016.

Mareterram Foods

Mareterram is a vertically integrated agri-business listed on the Australian stock exchange. The company owns a fleet of 11 prawn trawlers and is the largest license holder of king and tiger prawns in the Western Australian Shark Bay Prawn Fishery. Its business is the catching, processing and marketing of wild caught king and tiger prawns as well as a variety of by-catch species including scallops and crab. Mareterram consists of two businesses: (i) North-West Seafoods established in 1975 with operations in Carnarvon, Western Australia, from where it catches and processes king and tiger prawns; and (ii) a national Foodservice Sales and Distribution business, Mareterram Foods, with offices in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Factory & Retail Shops

The Sea Harvest Retail Shops look to capture the essence of our iconic South African fishing brand to make this available to the South African community. Seven fish shops are situated around the country in Sea Point, Cape Town;
Silverton, Pretoria; Centurion, Johannesburg; Paarl, Vredenburg, Saldanha Bay and Piketberg in the greater Western Cape.

Selected stores have a selection of fresh fish including a number of South African species and a selection of imported products flown in weekly. All chilled products offered are available to be filleted, portioned and cut to the individual customer’s specifications. An array of bulk frozen pre-packed products and a selection of Sea Harvest speciality items are also available from the Retail Shops.

Cape Harvest Foods (Pty) Ltd.

Cape Harvest Foods was established to represent Sea Harvest’s food businesses which include other brands besides Sea Harvest branded seafood products. Cape Harvest Foods is the exclusive agent for two premium international food brands, Findus, one of Europe’s largest frozen food brands, as well as Quorn, a vegetarian meat replacement brand from the UK. Cape Harvest has also begun opening a chain of independent Sea Harvest branded factory and retail outlets.


Findus is the leading frozen food manufacturer in the Nordic region with market leadership in the frozen ready meals, fish and vegetables segments in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Owned by a leading European food company, Nomad Foods, Findus has a robust presence in both the UK and the rest of Europe.

Findus has a wide range of premium frozen vegetable products available in South Africa which include Swedish Peas, Carrots, Mixed Vegetables and Stir-Fries.

Findus has points of difference in product quality with an emphasis that is based primarily on taste, food safety and agricultural sustainability.

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Quorn is the world’s leading brand of healthy, sustainable and delicious meat-free protein alternatives and produces an extensive range of meat-free products – from mince to chicken pieces – that taste remarkably like meat.

There is a definite trend in the South African market towards meat-free products with a rise in vegetarians and vegans. Quorn is a very low in fat and a healthy option and also appeals to the health conscious food lovers and weight-watchers.

The secret? An ingenious microorganism, called Mycoprotein – found at the heart of all Quorn products. Mycoprotein is a healthy vegetarian protein that is an excellent source of dietary fibre, is low in fat and saturates and contains no cholesterol or trans-fats. It also adds an unparalleled "meat like" texture to food without the use of soy. This progressive new product is unique to any other meat-free, high-protein ingredients currently available.

This iconic food brand is the leading meat alternative brand in 13 international markets including the UK, USA and Australia and is now available in South Africa. Launched in 2013, Quorn products are available at leading retailers throughout South Africa.

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