How Our Range of Seafood and Fish Recipes Can Make Cooking a Sheer Pleasure

Cape hake is as nutritious as it gets, especially when buying the Sea Harvest brand. To enjoy all the amazing health benefits of Cape hake and our other seafood products, we recommend using our Recipe page for inspiration.

We understand that people have busy lifestyles in the modern era. There is almost no time to prepare healthy meals, and with that in mind, we have put together useful recipes to help minimise the time needed for the preparation of delicious meals every day of the week.

The guides, which are packed with tested and applauded seafood and hake recipes, can be downloaded and printed out. In this way, you don’t even need to have internet connectivity in the kitchen to follow the easy preparation and cooking instructions. The guides have pictures, which help you by showing how the end-results will look. Before we get into the health benefits of regular fish and seafood consumption, let’s quickly look at our guides for seafood and hake recipes:


Working full time and being a mom can be a daunting task. By the time you get home, you have almost no creativity left. Fortunately, with our range of hake recipes in the Back-to-School guide, we ignite the spark of culinary innovation. Crispy fish cakes with mash and spring onions, fish cakes with crunchy salads, pita fish cakes, and yummy fish burgers are among the many easy-to-make and timesaving recipes that will have your kids jumping for joy when they hear that you are cooking fish.

The Instant Gourmet

Are you a master in the kitchen? If you are, then our extensive collection of recipes, including quite a few hake recipes, is just what you need to ensure that every meal from your stove is a culinary masterpiece. With these gourmet recipes, you will impress even the fiercest critiques. The guide includes scrumptious three-course meals and delightful appetizers, among other inspiring recipes.

Smart Recipes

If you lack the time, energy, or inspiration to spend hours in the kitchen, download our Smart Recipes guide. It contains short and easy recipes for nutritious meals, which will impress your taste buds and keen sense of aesthetic appeal in presentation. Get your gourmet on the go with meals such as tasty Cape hake, fresh Cape whiting with a Greek-styled salad, fried Cape hake fillets with tomato and dill salsa, and many more fun-to-make and enjoyable recipes.

Fat-Less Feasts

With recipes for meals such as crumbed garlic and herb fish, crunchy oriental fish salad, and summer fish with citrus salad, you will have many mouth-watering meals to choose from, and not even have to be concerned about the risk of putting on weight.

24/7 Gourmet on the Go

This is the guide to download if you are an urban dweller with too little time and far too many places to be. The collection of recipes is well suited for single professionals and couples wanting healthy meals, but don’t have the time to cook. The recipes include the likes of spicy fish cakes, Sea Harvest’s Sailor Secret, and fish and chips in a basket.

Flavours of the World

Travel the world in your kitchen with our range of recipes, such as hake moussaka, sweet and sour fish parcels, pickled fish, hake and Nori wraps from Japan, and many more.

Secrets of the Deep

For the best kept secrets when it comes to delectable food, download the guide that shares recipes such as lemon and black pepper hake with a beetroot, butternut and rocket salad, baked fish in cheesy pepper sauce, and dusted fish nuggets with a mayonnaise sauce. Many more such food wonders can form part of your weekly meal plan when you follow the recipes in the “Secrets of the Deep.”

Now that you know where to find our amazing range of seafood and Cape hake recipes, consider why fish should form an integral part of your diet. Seafood and fish are healthy sources of protein, omega-3, and vitamin D.

Protein is needed for healthy muscle and energy, while omega-3 is needed for brain and heart functioning, and vitamin D is needed for proper sleep, fatigue reduction, and brain vitality.