Delightful Hake Recipes and a Bit of Culinary History

Whether you are looking for healthy and easy-to-prepare hake recipes, want something in the gourmet section, or want some quick inspiration, you will love the Sea Harvest range of hake recipes.

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One of the very popular recipes is the hake moussaka. Once you have prepared this hake recipe, you will understand why. But let’s first take a trip down memory lane to get a better understanding of the tradition of moussaka.

If you love Greek food, then you have most probably tasted moussaka before. However, moussaka actually originated with the Arabians who brought aubergines to Greece. Yet, even the Arabians give credit to the Greeks for transforming the humble aubergine into a delectable dish, which is known as moussaka, and also widely appreciated in Turkey. Sea Harvest has taken the initiative to provide you with a very delicious hake moussaka recipe, which will be equally well-loved by the Greeks, Turks, and Arabians.

The dish serves four to six people, and with the grilled cheese topping and a green salad, it is a recipe to keep in your special file of amazing dishes. For this dish, you will need to buy a packet of Sea Harvest Cape Whiting Steaks (500 grammes) and visit the fish recipes section on our website for the instructions to make this mouth-watering hake and aubergine dish.

Another one of the loved hake recipes is that of the Hake & Onion Quiche. This quiche is yet another dish that has an interesting history. Most people today consider the quiche a French dish, even though it is indeed a traditional German dish with a history dating back to the medieval period, when Lothringen was under the rule of the Germans. The French later renamed the kingdom as Lorraine and kept the quiche dish. Quiche sounds rather elegant, but it is the French version of “kuchen”, which is the German word for cake.

Add hake and onion to the quiche, and you have an amazing combination. With a bit of history to share when you put forward this light and healthy dish, you will certainly be applauded for how it tastes and looks, if you follow the Sea Harvest hake and onion quiche recipe.

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