Some Fun Fish Facts About Hake and Why We Love it

If you enjoy a steaming fillet of fish on your plate, then you will be happy to know that hake is a versatile meal option packed with health benefits – and it tastes great too! Here at Sea Harvest, hake is one of our preferred types of fish; it’s delicious, healthy, and affordable enough to eat several times a week. So, for anyone, like us, who has fallen hook, line, and sinker for hake, have a trawl through our fascinating facts and reasons to pop a portion in the oven tonight.

All About Healthy, Hearty Hake

hake filletsWe would not fault you for being surprised at the fact that Hake (there are 12 kinds, in fact) is a member of the Cod family – though the two fish look nothing alike. The steel grey fish with a silvery-white underside often surprises seafood lovers who have only seen them in their fillet form – for that beautifully mild flavour, the actual fish looks rather formidable. Their texture is softer with a smaller flake than cod, however, so there is no mistaking the two on one’s plate.

Long and slender, the predatory hake fish can swim at depths of over 1 000 metres, and they are found across the globe. Europe, in particular, enjoys this fish and many countries have their own names for it in places like Spain, Italy, and France.

Why Eat Hake More Often

Most health experts agree that a few portions of fish per week are highly recommended, and hake is a standout star in this department because of how budget-friendly and versatile it is. It also comes with countless health benefits, including:

Exploring a Diverse Cooking Profile

There is a good reason why the Spanish have dubbed it “king of the fish” – hake is a lean, white meat that absorbs most flavours well. Its flesh is firm enough to be deep-fried, baked, grilled, and steamed. It can also be sold fresh, crumbed, battered, skinless, salted, and smoked.

The taste ranges from mild to subtly sweet, and it’s flaky, pale meat pairs well with various flavour fusions. Lemon pepper seasoning, Indian curry, Asian-style sweet and sour sauce, hearty seafood stews, and even garlic, tomato, and onion are all ingredients and recipe bases that complement hake.

Make it Hake with Sea Harvest

Here at Sea Harvest, we make easy and healthy seafood meals accessible to our customers by seasoning them in egg batter, a scrumptious tempura batter, flavourful crumb coatings, or having them smoked. Customers can also select skin-on or skinless fillets that they can prepare themselves. Steam them, fry them, grill them, or roast them – the choice is yours. This convenience is especially valuable for families who do not necessarily have the time to prepare seafood dishes from scratch but still wish to enjoy the taste and health benefits provided by fish. Our seafood solutions are perfect for every meal, and you can trust our commitment to high-quality freshness and flavour.

For a mouthful of gourmet deliciousness, simply pop in store for one of our appetising products or follow our Recipes tab for exciting new spins on traditional cooking.