Frequently Asked Questions About Sea Harvest Hake Products in South Africa

If you live in South Africa, then you have undoubtedly come across our tasty selection of hake fish products on freezer shelves across local chain stores. We believe that knowing what is on your plate and the story behind your scrumptious meal, however, is important. Therefore, we at Sea Harvest make our business practices, ingredients, and commitment to the customer transparent. With us, there is no need to guess about what you buy – we keep our valued customers in the loop by answering common queries and frequently asked questions we often receive about our hake products in South Africa.

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What is an MSC Certification?

The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an independent international organisation that sets the global standard for sustainability and top-tier management within fisheries. The certification ensures that fisheries do not exploit the environment by overfishing or damaging the local ecology and endangered species. We at Sea Harvest have been MSC-certified since 2004, and the MSC blue ecolabel is present on most of our Cape Hake fish products. Some of our products do not yet feature the label as these products are sourced from other sufficiently-managed fisheries.

Is Hake Fish Caught in South Africa Healthy?

Regularly including fish in one’s diet promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves various functions within the body. Hake is an excellent source of highly digestible protein, which is a great energy source and serves various purposes in our bodies. Hake is considered a “white” fish. It has a liver, and thus, white and flaky flesh that is not oily. This lean type of protein source is low in both fats and calories while retaining a high concentration of beneficial micronutrients. These vitamins and minerals include potassium, phosphorous, selenium, and B-group vitamins.

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What Does “Wild-caught” Mean?

In South Africa (and across our product range) you will spot the term “wild-caught hake”. This term refers to fish caught in the open sea. This fish is not harvested from local farms, but rather from the ocean where they grow and develop naturally with no human intervention or antibiotics. Wild-caught hake fish in South Africa is considered an organic protein source and is rich in nutrients and flavour.

How Do I Prepare the Products I’ve Bought?

It is important that you keep your products frozen from the time you buy them in-store, and that they are cooked directly from frozen when preparing them. This is to preserve the fresh taste, texture, and nutrition of the product. The first cooking suggestion on the back of the product pack will yield the best results when preparing your meal. The alternative preparation suggestions are also options that cater to personal preference. If you are interested in new and exciting recipes to liven up your regular menu, we have a dedicated blog with recipes that include easy-to-follow instructions and accessible ingredients that create healthy meals for the whole family.

What Type of Sea Harvest Products Can I Buy in South Africa?

Much of our line of seafood products includes delicious, wild-caught hake. Customers have a selection of:

For tasty hake products that will transform your home-cooking into an effortless, fun activity, why not check out our range in-store now? Or you can visit a Sea Harvest Factory Shop near you today. If you would like more information on our high-quality products, or if you have any feedback for us, be sure to get in touch with us today.