Four Easy Ways to Cook Frozen Hake

With so many health benefits to offer, hake should form part of your weekly dietary planning. Your family deserves the best, and with Sea Harvest’s focus on freshness, quality, and sustainability, you can rest assured that the frozen hake you buy from the Sea Harvest brand will be as tasty as it can get. To get you started on getting the best flavours from frozen hake, we share a few frozen fish cooking tips below.

hake fillets

Prepare the Frozen Hake

Simply remove the frozen fish from the freezer and from the packaging. Rinse off any frost and pat the fish dry with a paper towel. Finely brush a light layer of marinade with seasoning or olive oil over the fish. That’s it! You are ready to cook it in your preferred way or according to our packaging instructions.


Poaching remains one of the healthiest ways to cook fish, and the method can be delightfully easy. Place the frozen hake in a mix of vegetable stock, broth, or wine, and season lightly with your favourite spices and lemon. Bring the protein to a boil and once it boils, reduce the heat to simmer level and cover the pan. If you want to add more flavouring to the dish, try pre-simmering vegetables before you add the protein, and then cook everything as a single dish. The fish should take around eight minutes to be cooked using this method.


Forget about the conventional pan frying. Try something new using the broiling method. Simply line the pan with foil for easier clean-up, and then place the frozen hake in the pan. Place it in the broiler and let it cook for about five minutes before you flip it over to season it. Return it to the broiler and let it cook for another eight minutes. Once the middle is opaque and easy to flake, remove it from the pan, and you have a delicious piece of fish!


If you are content with not marinating the frozen hake beforehand, you can grill it. It is similar to pan cooking, but takes more time. Lightly coat the fish in olive oil, and once it has cooked for a while, add a bit of your favourite sauce.


You can also steam frozen hake by rubbing lemon or fresh basil over the fish and wrapping it in lightly oiled foil. Place the wrapped fish in the oven and steam it on a high setting for eight to fifteen minutes, as per package instructions.

When you buy Sea Harvest’s frozen hake, you will find recommended cooking methods at the back of the packaging. Try our recipes and remember to include hake in your weekly meal plan for the best protein your family can enjoy.