Do You Have Kids? Here’s Why They Will Love Our Frozen Fish Fingers

Getting kids excited about mealtimes is not always an easy feat. Children are still developing their palate and exploring their preferences, and not all foods are going to seem like an appetising offering. Finding meal options that are both scrumptious and nutritious is also a challenge for busy parents. We at Sea Harvest, thankfully, have the perfect option for your little ones – whether they’re future foodies in the making, or a little more on the picky side. Our frozen fish fingers are not just crumbed morsels of deliciousness, but they can be used as an ultra-fun way to get your kids eager for lunches and dinner.

sea harvest fish fingers

Easy to Make, Easy to Eat

Life gets hectic for parents who sometimes have to spread themselves thin to get anything done. This means that figuring out what to do for dinner every night is tricky and time-consuming. Preparing healthy, balanced meals for one’s family need no longer be a problem, however, with our easy-to-prepare frozen fish fingers. Simply pop them into the oven, frying pan, or air fryer for a crispy, tasty protein option. The best part is that kids love to eat them because they are so easy to hold and chew.

Adding Fish to Their Diet

Fish is an important addition to any child’s diet as it promotes plenty of health benefits. Our frozen fish fingers are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and are a great source of essential nutrients such as omega-3. They also do not contain any bones which can be a choking hazard for smaller children, so you are free to serve the portions whole or cut them into bite-sized nuggets for your little ones. Our portions are also MSG- and GMO-free, which means you are choosing a healthy, nourishing option for your family when purchasing our products.

Your Kids Can Get Creative

When it comes to mealtimes, why not play with your food? When kids are able to interact and engage with the food on their plate, healthy meals become much more fun. Our frozen fish fingers are a fantastic way to spark your child’s imagination. Use them alongside colourful vegetables and sauces to create characters and faces on the plate and make every meal a work of art or a story time. Now your kids will look forward to those Fish Finger Fridays.

Use Them to Introduce New Foods

Do your kids struggle to enjoy new foods? Why not use our tasty range of frozen fish fingers to introduce new food groups, flavours, and textures to them? We have a wide variety of available recipes here. From soup and tacos to kid-size sliders, you can use our crispy, crumbed delights to help your child discover novel dishes. Pair them with melted cheese, tomato sauce, or a salad – whatever fits your family’s fancy!

Meet our Mealtime Heroes

The Sea Harvest Mealtime Heroes’ campaign was designed to get kids interested in tasty, nutritious food – and it worked. Our kid customers adore meeting Captain Crisp, Omega Mind, and The Incredible Hake on their very own plates, and parents across South Africa are happy to see empty lunch boxes coming home after school. This campaign also helps to teach children about the benefits of selecting healthier meal options whenever they can.

Keep an “Anytime” Snack in the House

Because they are so easy to prepare, our frozen fish fingers are ideal for just about any occasion. Whether you need to put together a quick lunch, or just want to stave off some cravings until dinner time. High in protein and ultra-tasty, you can include them as finger food at kids’ parties with some dip, or even incorporate them into a scrumptious breakfast fry-up.

Our crunchy, golden nibbles are ideal for kids and adults alike who are seeking a satisfying bite to eat. Why not try them today?