Sea Harvest’s Role in Fresh Fish Supply in Cape Town

Next time you buy fresh fish in Cape Town, consider how important it is to buy from a local supplier of premium-quality fresh fish that has been harvested responsibly. Sea Harvest is such a company, and as a well-known brand under the leadership of Felix Ratheb, Sea Harvest is also an important employer in the Western Cape.

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Indeed, it would be difficult to buy fresh fish in Cape Town, without considering the Sea Harvest brand. Felix Ratheb has been at the head of Sea Harvest as CEO since 2013, and has proven to be a strong leader with exceptional vision. But, let’s take a look at Sea Harvest’s history, giving you an indication of just how stable and reliable the company is and what its role is in deep-sea fishing off the southern African coast.

The company’s history in the fishing industry of South Africa goes way back to the sixties, and with so many years in the industry, Sea Harvest has become a leading fishing company in the country. Many people in Saldanha Bay and the surrounds earn their livelihood through the company.

Sea Harvest originally started fishing operations in Saldanha Bay, and this is still the company’s centre for catching, processing, and marketing Cape Paradoxus/Capensis. You may know the Cape Paradoxus/Capensis by the popular name of Cape hake. Indeed, Sea Harvest has played an important role in introducing Cape Paradoxus/Capensis into the international market, making it part of the diet of a large portion of the world’s population.

Today, the company catches and processes on average 40 000 tonnes of fresh Cape Paradoxus/Capensis per year. Cost-effectiveness of the operations, combined with the company’s commitment to sustainable fishing practices, make the brand popular when it comes to fresh fish in Cape Town.

Sea Harvest is not just known for fresh fish in Cape Town and Saldanha Bay, the company is also well-known in international circles. In addition, the company has been packing a selection of top international brands since its beginning. What gives the company a competitive edge is its adaptability at harvesting fresh fish and processing raw materials to meet client requirements.

The Cape hake, which is caught off the South African coast, is still one of the main products supplied by the company, and because of the unpolluted water in which the fish lives, South Africans benefit from the healthy protein that is made available at affordable prices. With Cape hake being available throughout the year, it is possible to supply fresh fish in Cape Town 365 days a year. South Africans all over enjoy the benefits of the fish processed and packaged for easy preparing of delicious and healthy meals.

Sea Harvest is also actively involved in marine resource conservation efforts. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout its operations. South Africans also have the assurance of a stable company that has received 15 years’ fishing rights.

The company has a fleet of single and twin fresh-fish trawlers, a factory freezer trawler, and in-shore trawlers. The fresh fish are gutted and headed on the trawlers, and brought to shore for processing. The fish caught at sea with the freezer trawler are processed at sea.

Thus, when you shop for fresh fish in Cape Town, always buy from Sea Harvest to enjoy superior quality.