How Sea Harvest Fish Fingers Became Mealtime Heroes

Fish fingers have always been a solid favourite with loyal Sea Harvest customers. Sea Harvest could see that for a few years that customers weren’t as happy as before with their old favourite, Fish Fingers. That prompted research on how to bring back their favourites and deliver the quality Sea Harvest was known for. As a result, the product was redeveloped, followed by a new campaign strategy.

With fish fingers tasting better than ever, it was time to introduce the re-imagined product to parents and kids. After in-depth research, Sea Harvest launched The Mealtime Heroes campaign.

Meet the True Superheroes

“Captain Crisp”, “Omega Mind”, and “The Incredible Hake” are the mealtime heroes, representing the benefits of the Sea Harvest Fish Fingers. With busy schedules, parents want easy-to-prepare meals and these heroes come to the rescue. Easy and quick to prepare, the new meals are exceptionally scrumptious and packed with nutrition.

With kids being the taste masters and purchase influencers, Sea Harvest added a fun approach on the superhero trio. They received personalities to which children could relate and became the brand messengers on the packaging. Sea Harvest added prominent in-store displays and included give-aways with the likes of kids’ activity books to help keep them active during the lockdown period. The campaign also included popular back-to-school lunch boxes.

Sea Harvest provided in-store demonstrators with the campaign inspired “Caperon” – which combined Apron and Cape as part of the Mealtime Heroes’ campaign. The campaign included fun educational messaging on the brand’s Facebook page besides the bumper video ads on commercial television and YouTube.

Successful Campaign and Happy Customers

Stores, where the mentioned point-of-sale materials were on display, reported a 26% increase in Sea Harvest Fish Fingers sales, besides the 30% increase in contribution, as more sales occurred when the products were off promotion than in the previous year. The sales increase spilt over to other lines in the frozen fish section, shown in the 8% increase for May 2020 YTD.

Sea Harvest has shown that the brand cares about the tastes, needs and interests of customers with the re-invention and appealing marketing campaign of fish fingers. Next time you want to prepare a healthy and easy meal, think Sea Harvest Mealtime Heroes.