The Sea Harvest Food Truck: Bringing New Fish Fingers to South Africans

In 2019, Sea Harvest could see that in the year or two before, customers weren’t as happy as before with their old favourite, Fish Fingers. The customers’ main concern was the quality of the crumb. Having the stamp of approval of customers as their number one priority, Sea Harvest decided to launch new and improved Fish Fingers.

sea harvest fish fingers

Informing customers, however, required more than just in-store tastings. So, to take it to the next level, Sea Harvest decided that out-of-store touchpoints and presence at different locations were also necessary to launch the all-new Fish Fingers.

Enter: The Sea Harvest Food Truck…

To help get the word out to customers, Sea Harvest custom built and designed Sea Harvest Food Truck. The truck was equipped with multiple air-fryers, deep-fryers, freezer, fridge, prep areas, and ample storage space to become a mobile kitchen. To support the launch, the Food Truck served Fish Fingers tacos at various locations, including retail store launches, in-store activations, school market day events, Sea Harvest sponsored activities (e.g. Surfing events), and Sea Harvest internal company events.

With their Food Truck, Sea Harvest not only raised awareness of their new Fish Fingers, but also to get more in touch with their customers on a personal level. This was also a first for Sea Harvest because, in the 56 years of the company’s history, they’ve never ventured out onto the streets, so to speak, with out-of-home or out-of-store trips like these before.

With the new and improved Fish Fingers, Sea Harvest wanted to make sure that customers, like you, approved of the quality of products they expect from a distinguished brand like Sea Harvest. And with the Sea Harvest Food Truck drive, the company took to the streets to show exactly how important it is for them that South Africans once again enjoyed what we all grew up with as children: Fish Fingers.