Sea Harvest Successfully Launched the New Fish Fingers

With a decline in Fish Finger sales from 2016 to 2018, Sea Harvest decided to reinvent the product to ensure it could meet the taste and quality expectations of customers. The new old-time favourite was born and introduced through the “Fish Fingers: Mealtime Heroes” campaign.

sea harvest fish fingers

The brand used three animated superhero characters to represent the benefits of the scrumptious and easy to prepare meals. These characters added a fun element to attract kids while reminding parents of the nutritious value of Sea Harvest Fish Fingers. Qualitative research showed that in-store promotions, including tastings, would be effective in building trust in the taste and quality of the product.

The customers, however, first had to be attracted to the point of interaction with the chefs. As a result, the Caperon concept came to life. The company kitted out the chefs with attention-grabbing gear that would make them approachable without compromising the professional appearance expected from chefs working with food.

Sea Harvest joined “Apron” plus “Cape” to form “Caperon”. The bold yellow colour of the Caperon kits, combined with blue navy caps, attracted attention and aligned with the “Mealtime Heroes” campaign and packaging.

The brand produced the Caperon gear in adult and kid sizes for give-aways as part of in-store promotions and social media campaigns, providing incentives to buy “Mealtime Heroes”.

The campaign was an enormous success, with a 35% sales increase during the in-store promotions, compared to previous in-store promotions with less gear. Interaction with the brand increased by 200%.

With the successful campaign, using the Caperons, tastings and giveaways, Sea Harvest launched the new, convenient, quality, and scrumptious Fish Fingers.