Fish n Tips: The Cooking with Fish Video Series

Fish n Tips was a brainchild of Sea Harvest which came about from extensive focus groups and sales analytics. The overarching theme from all data was that South Africans still have a “fear” of cooking with fish. This “fear of failure” derived from a lack of education on preparation, the various methods of cooking fish, and the numerous health benefits to be derived from eating fish.

fish and tips

The Idea

Sea Harvest came up with the idea of the Fish n Tips video series, specifically created to take this all on. The videos showed viewers simple, fun, and engaging content with the core focus of busting the myths and fears around cooking with fish and providing education on the ease and convenience of incorporating fish into your diet, as well as the health benefits. With the help of content creators, influencers, online magazines, foodie content creators and a brand-new consumer-based strategy, Sea Harvest engaged with everyday South Africans by sharing with people the enlightening truths of health and showing exactly how easy cooking with fish is.

The Execution

Having started with a basic introductory fish cooking course showcasing the fundamentals of how to cook fish with different methods, tips and techniques, the videos showcased the different progressions of the masterclass of Fish’ n Tips, later entering a more advanced level by showing people some delectable fish recipes all while incorporating simplicity and convenience. With an uncomplicated “cook from frozen” tip or a “wash with lemon” instruction, Sea Harvest has been able to bridge the gap between their extremely large Facebook following and the those who were still not convinced of what to do with a beautiful piece of Hake fillet.

The Results

The videos showed huge engagement with the success of three seasons and people will be happy to hear that a fourth season is now in production. The series garnered over 3 million views. Furthermore, viewers were taken on a journey through the master class that taught people how to create their own stunning meals and share their own Fish n Tips, thus solidifying the Fish n Tips Community for a place to really learn, share, and overall a valuable experience for being part of the community.

With this series, Sea Harvest showed people that there are so many more ways to cook their fish. The results shared by Sea Harvest and their loyal customers where that of delectable meals that would entice your tastebuds and encourage people to be more creative in the kitchen.