Fish n Tips: The Social Media Cooking with Fish Campaign

After extensive research, Sea Harvest found that there was an overarching theme which showed that South Africans still had a “fear” of cooking with frozen fish. The data proved it and also showed that the frozen fish category was declining overall. The one upside was that the Sea Harvest now have a more representative consumer marketing within the South African demographic, with the biggest consumer segment being urban black females, but this market segment was still very low, thus leaving a huge opportunity for market penetration.

Getting Creative with Tasty New Recipes

To expand their social media presence, Sea Harvest launched an Instagram page, namely Fish n Tips, that stepped away from the usual heavily branded corporate social media pages and, instead, focused solely on providing appetising recipes, helpful tips, and cooking hacks. The page primarily put the spotlight on the category of frozen fish, thus changing the consumer perception of the page being a corporate brand, but instead a relevant and tasteful, and most importantly, engaging page for the community.

Grabbing the Attention of South Africans

Sea Harvest called upon the help of prominent South African foodies and influencers who were carefully selected for what they can bring to the table (pardon the pun). With the help of the influencers’ fun and inspiring approach, Sea Harvest was able to build a community; a trusted point of reference where Instagram Followers could enjoy the personal style and touch of each of these influencers. Coupling the influencer’s prestige with the main focus on mouth-watering recipes using frozen fish, allowed Sea Harvest to reposition the idea of cooking with fish. Instead, it showed consumers that there is a much more appealing and glamourous side than they ever could have imagined!

The Results

Today, the Fish n Tips Instagram page has given Sea Harvest the chance to directly engage with a loyal community, which has grown exponentially in the last couple of months with more than 5 000 followers to date. Now, you too can join to see what wonderful and delicious recipes there are to cook with fish, specifically frozen fish, so much easier. Let the light-hearted approach of the influencers make your life a little easier and a whole lot yummier with the latest creative recipes.