Cape Hake Fish Recipes

5 Cape Hake Fish Recipes That Are Perfect for a Cosy Winter Evening Love it or hate it, winter creeps in every year, and we embrace it with nights under fleece blankets while sipping sweet hot chocolate. While the cold is not always pleasant, it does offer us the opportunity for some warm, hearty meals […]

Frozen Hake Fish Products

We Explore 6 Benefits of Our Frozen Hake Fish Products Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh, battered hake fillet with a side of chips? Or perhaps a steaming bowl of fish stew on a chilly winter’s evening? Here at Sea Harvest, we understand quality seafood and how to turn the catch of the day into a […]

Frozen Fish Fingers

Do You Have Kids? Here’s Why They Will Love Our Frozen Fish Fingers Getting kids excited about mealtimes is not always an easy feat. Children are still developing their palate and exploring their preferences, and not all foods are going to seem like an appetising offering. Finding meal options that are both scrumptious and nutritious […]

Cape Hake Fish

Key Facts About Sea Harvest and Our Premium Cape Hake Fish Products By now, you might have already heard about the Sea Harvest Group or come across our marvellous range of products in-store. As a leading household brand when it comes to quality seafood, aquaculture, agri-processing, and branded fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), we take our […]

Hake Fish Recipes

Phenomenal Flavours and Foods to Include in Your Hake Fish Recipes Seafood is tricky if you have never before prepared it from scratch. Overcooking it, seasoning it wrong, or using overpowering stocks and sauces that drown out its sea-fresh flavour are common mistakes at-home cooks make. Here at Sea Harvest, we believe that putting the […]

Hake Fish in South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions About Sea Harvest Hake Products in South Africa If you live in South Africa, then you have undoubtedly come across our tasty selection of hake fish products on freezer shelves across local chain stores. We believe that knowing what is on your plate and the story behind your scrumptious meal, however, is […]

4 Mouth-Watering Fish Recipes

4 Mouth-Watering Fish Recipes to Get Your Family Excited About Dinner Most health professionals recommend a few servings of fish per week to be incorporated into a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people see preparing seafood as an inaccessible and complicated culinary art, and that mastering this form of cuisine is simply too difficult. Here […]

Hake Fish

Some Fun Fish Facts About Hake and Why We Love it If you enjoy a steaming fillet of fish on your plate, then you will be happy to know that hake is a versatile meal option packed with health benefits – and it tastes great too! Here at Sea Harvest, hake is one of our […]

Fish Fingers to South Africans

The Sea Harvest Food Truck: Bringing New Fish Fingers to South Africans In 2019, Sea Harvest could see that in the year or two before, customers weren’t as happy as before with their old favourite, Fish Fingers. The customers’ main concern was the quality of the crumb. Having the stamp of approval of customers as […]

Fish n Tips: Cooking with Fish

Fish n Tips: The Social Media Cooking with Fish Campaign After extensive research, Sea Harvest found that there was an overarching theme which showed that South Africans still had a “fear” of cooking with frozen fish. The data proved it and also showed that the frozen fish category was declining overall. The one upside was […]