Key Facts About Sea Harvest and Our Premium Cape Hake Fish Products

By now, you might have already heard about the Sea Harvest Group or come across our marvellous range of products in-store. As a leading household brand when it comes to quality seafood, aquaculture, agri-processing, and branded fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), we take our commitment to our customers very seriously. We, therefore, aim to make our operations and processes as transparent as possible, especially in an evolving world where consumers now value staying informed on their purchases. Our line of Cape Hake fish products, in particular, is a bestselling range that provides families across the country with a healthy, sustainable source of protein. To further strengthen our reputation with our esteemed customers, we strive to make information on these products and our fishing practices accessible, which is why we explore some key facts about our company and range of high-quality products below.

Cape Hake Fish

The Sea Harvest Group is a Vertically Integrated Company

While many people only know us for our range of Cape Hake fish, we at the Sea Harvest Group specialise in more than just wild-caught Cape Hake. We harvest seafood sustainably along the coasts of South Africa, Mozambique, and Australia, and we are considered an established, vertically integrated business. We are involved every step of the way, across the full value chain of our products, such as services in value-added support, strict quality control, supply chain management, and logistics. Because we are so involved with every phase of harvesting, processing, and supplying our products, we can ensure they are of superb quality and enable economies of scale, which translates to better prices for you, the customer.

We’re Committed to Responsible Fishing Practices

Overfishing is a major problem in many parts of the world today, and fisheries that act unsustainably are responsible for devastating damage to our global environment. Consumers are also becoming more aware of this issue and opting for sustainable-certified fish such as Cape Hake, as well as choosing to purchase products from companies that prioritise environmentally-friendly fishing. Here at the Sea Harvest Group, environmental stewardship is at the centre of our operations, and we continually review our processes to ensure that we help to maintain sustainable practices that protect our finite, natural resources and limit the impact of fishing on our planet.

Our Products Are Accessible

Seafood, and Cape Hake fish, in particular, is an excellent form of protein and remains a good source of essential nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids. This means regularly including fish in one’s diet contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, inland regions do not have easy access to fresh fish, and many of the available options are either unaffordable or simply not up to standard. We at the Sea Harvest Group aim to rectify this by making delicious, fresh Cape Hake fish and other seafood products not only easily accessible to customers but cost-friendly too. This means you can step into most large retail chain stores in South Africa and find our products lining their freezer shelves without fuss.

Mealtimes Are Much More Fun

While most people know there are benefits to including fish in one’s diet a few times a week, not everyone knows how to prepare seafood from scratch. Our wild-caught Cape Hake range, fortunately, is ultra-easy to prepare with clear instructions on each packaging. From fillets and crumbed portions to medallions and fish steaks, you are free to create the meals that you enjoy most. We also have plenty of tasty fish recipes available, so whether you enjoy fish cakes or flavourful curries, we have got those lunch and dinner ideas covered. With us at Sea Harvest, mealtimes are now not only tasty, healthy, and fun, but take no time at all.

We Are Continually Improving Our Range

Listening to our customers is important to us, which is why we continually improve on our recipes to provide you with innovative, flavoursome meal options. Our new homestyle, crispy crumb Fish Fingers with animated “Mealtime Heroes” characters to attract kids, are an example of how we have adapted our products to cater to customers of all ages.

If you would like to find out more about our Cape Hake fish, the various recipes we offer, or where to find a Sea Harvest stockist near you, feel free to get in touch with us today.