Cooking with Fish

Fish n Tips: The Cooking with Fish Video Series Fish n Tips was a brainchild of Sea Harvest which came about from extensive focus groups and sales analytics. The overarching theme from all data was that South Africans still have a “fear” of cooking with fish. This “fear of failure” derived from a lack of […]

Fish Fingers

How Sea Harvest Fish Fingers Became Mealtime Heroes Fish fingers have always been a solid favourite with loyal Sea Harvest customers. Sea Harvest could see that for a few years that customers weren’t as happy as before with their old favourite, Fish Fingers. That prompted research on how to bring back their favourites and deliver […]

Fish Fingers by Sea Harvest

Sea Harvest Successfully Launched the New Fish Fingers With a decline in Fish Finger sales from 2016 to 2018, Sea Harvest decided to reinvent the product to ensure it could meet the taste and quality expectations of customers. The new old-time favourite was born and introduced through the “Fish Fingers: Mealtime Heroes” campaign. The brand […]

What’s Cooking at Sea Harvest?

In 2019, Sea Harvest launched numerous marketing campaigns that set a tone for what customers could expect to see in 2020. As a way to increase awareness for Hake in South Africa, Sea Harvest began the “Make-It-Hake” umbrella campaign which inspired various campaigns to follow in 2020. Revamping the Fish Products The company set out […]

Seafood Recipes

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Seafood with Our Range of Recipes Sea Harvest makes it easy to enjoy scrumptious and healthy dinners with our range of seafood recipes. Simply download the seafood recipe guides and print them to have your favourite recipes at hand whenever you need inspiration. But, before we take a look at […]

Seafood Cape Town

Now You Can Buy Fresh Seafood at Sea Harvest’s Fish Store in Sea Point – Cape Town Mention “seafood” in Cape Town and immediately the Sea Harvest brand comes to mind. Indeed, the company was acknowledged as the seventh top 39 Ask Africa Icon Brand in 2016. The company’s ongoing commitment to premium-quality fish and […]

Hake Recipes

Delightful Hake Recipes and a Bit of Culinary History Whether you are looking for healthy and easy-to-prepare hake recipes, want something in the gourmet section, or want some quick inspiration, you will love the Sea Harvest range of hake recipes. You can download some of our different recipe books to have available offline, or choose […]

Frozen Hake

Four Easy Ways to Cook Frozen Hake With so many health benefits to offer, hake should form part of your weekly dietary planning. Your family deserves the best, and with Sea Harvest’s focus on freshness, quality, and sustainability, you can rest assured that the frozen hake you buy from the Sea Harvest brand will be […]

Fresh Fish Cape Town

Sea Harvest’s Role in Fresh Fish Supply in Cape Town Next time you buy fresh fish in Cape Town, consider how important it is to buy from a local supplier of premium-quality fresh fish that has been harvested responsibly. Sea Harvest is such a company, and as a well-known brand under the leadership of Felix […]

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes to Impress the Little Ones Fish has many health benefits, and with the Sea Harvest range of fish and seafood, you can even prepare meals that your kids will love. Apart from the cooking instructions on the Sea Harvest packaging, you can also find easy-to-follow fish recipes on our Recipes page. With these […]