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Top Fishing Company in South Africa
Date Posted: 29 November 2017

Top Fishing Company in South Africa

Why Sea Harvest Can Be Considered a Top Fishing Company in South Africa 

Committed to becoming the top fishing company in South Africa, Sea Harvest, currently under the leadership of Felix Ratheb, has a long history dating back to 1964. The company started in Saldanha Bay as the result of a joint venture. Pescanova, Imperial Cold Storage and Southern Fishing Enterprises came together to form Sea Harvest. Today, our company is one of only two listed fishing companies on the JSE and no doubt, in many people’s minds, it is the top fishing company in South Africa.

It is one of the largest black vertically integrated producers of Cape hake in the country. In addition, our company directly employs more than 3 000 workers, but it is the company’s commitment to sustainability and its ongoing involvement in community projects which add to its prestige. Out company is committed to sustainable job creation and the responsible management of natural resources.

Also adding to our profile as a top fishing company in South Africa is the ownership of a large fleet of single and twin fishing trawlers, factory freezer trawlers, and in-shore trawlers. We have fish processing plants at Mossel Bay and at Saldanha Bay. What is unique about these processing plants is the location of each plant. The plants are situated on deep-water quays, which make it possible for the trawlers to line up next to the factories for faster off-loading. With such, comes the advantage of freshness of the Cape hake and other seafood products, which can be processed quickly for faster delivery to the various outlets where Sea Harvest products are sold.

Sea Harvest is also a top fishing company in South Africa regarding its B-BBEE contributor status. Indeed, our company, with its Level 2 B-BBEE status, is one of the largest black-empowered companies in the fishing industry. Brimstone Investment Corporation is the majority shareholder, with Sea Harvest staff making up the other shareholders. Brimstone is a black-owned investment consortium, which has led to Sea Harvest’s Level 2 B-BBEE status.

Our company is well-known for its superior quality products, including a range of Cape hake products. With our eight retail shops, in addition to the widespread availability of Sea Harvest products, it is certainly a brand that doesn’t need an introduction in South Africa.

Our company has also recently expanded its international operations with an increase in shareholding in the Australian Stock Exchange listed firm, Mareterram. With a 56% shareholding in the firm, Sea Harvest has gained a strong presence in the Australian fish market, and has been able to increase its foreign exchange income considerably. As a top fishing company in South Africa, we are also working hard at positioning our company to become a leading player in the international market.