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Date Posted: 26 June 2017

Hake Recipes

Tips to Help Ensure the Best Results When Cooking Fish and Seafood

Once you know what to do, and which mistakes to avoid in preparing fish or seafood, you will find that fish will soon become a favourite protein at the dinner table, especially when you make use of our delicious and easy-to-follow seafood and hake recipes.

What to Do to Ensure Scrumptious Hake and Other Fish Dishes

Poor quality fish will ruin any dish. Start by shopping for Sea Harvest hake and related seafood products. Our products are healthy, high in omega-3, and some are Heart Mark approved, whilst meeting and exceed quality requirements, and in addition, you will also be delighted to know that we follow sustainable fishing practices.

Always make sure that the frozen fish you buy from the supermarket is solid and doesn’t show any type of freezer burn. Our hake recipes are designed for cooking the fish from their frozen state. As such, if there is any chance of the fish defrosting before you get home, because of the distance between the grocery store and home, buy a bag of ice and keep a cooler in the vehicle in which you can store the frozen product together with the ice to keep it frozen. Always store fish in the coldest part of the freezer.

If you cook sole, leave the skin on during the cooking process. Sole is a rather delicate fillet, and the skin serves to hold the fish meat together. You can remove the skin after cooking. Of course, the fish may start to curl during the cooking process, if the skin is left on. To prevent such, use a knife to score the skin in a grid pattern.

Prevent soggy fish by always patting it dry with paper towels before cooking it. This will ensure a crispy end result.

We provide seafood and fish recipes, including delicious hake recipes for various types of cooking, making it easy to prepare scrumptious meals for every occasion. Follow the instructions on the package for best results, and be sure to regularly check in at our recipe section for ways in which to prepare fish that will make your guests ask for more helpings.

Always preheat the pan, whether it is a non-stick, cast-iron or stainless steel pan. Keep the heat on high for three minutes, to ensure the pan is hot enough, and only then add the oil. Just before the oil smokes, add the fish and turn the heat to medium. Don’t constantly fiddle with the fish. Leave it, and only once it has cooked for the recommended time on the one side do you flip it over. If you constantly flip it, you will cause the skin or crust to stick to the pan, and this will ruin the fish. Finish the other side and remove from the pan. Serve immediately.

What Not to Do When Preparing the Hake or Other Fish According to Our Recipes

Never use a cool frying pan or grill, as the fish will stick to the surface, and you will get uneven cooking. First, sear the fish, and then reduce the heat to medium to ensure that it cooks through.

Don’t overcook or undercook the fish. It is especially easy to overcook prawn. If the prawn is twisted into an almost full circle it is overcooked. If it is still straight, it is not yet cooked. You want to cook it until it forms a C-shape, and then remove it from the heat.

Visit our recipe section for amazing hake and other fish recipes, and be sure to follow the instructions on our Sea Harvest packages, whether for hake, prawn or any other seafood.