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Date Posted: 22 August 2017

Seafood Monger

How to Defrost or Thaw Seafood and Fish

Visit your local seafood monger for superior-quality frozen fish, such as hake and other seafood, from the Sea Harvest product stable, and use the Sea Harvest website to find delectable recipes to turn every dinner into a culinary feast and delight.

Although the traditional seafood monger of old is now a rarity with supermarkets having replaced many of the seafood stalls, you can still find the good quality fish that was traditionally associated with the town’s seafood monger when buying Sea Harvest hake and seafood.

Fortunately, with the technology available today, you can buy frozen fish, and cook the fish or seafood from their frozen state. As such, even if you are far from the sea in one of the inland cities, you can still enjoy the benefits of having superior-quality hake and other seafood as part of your diet.

Because we want you to experience the full flavour and richness of Sea Harvest’s nutritional hake products, we provide a few tips on buying and thawing or defrosting frozen fish or seafood, whether bought from the local seafood monger or from a large supermarket.

Never freeze fish bought fresh from the seafood monger, since you don’t have any means with which to tell how long the fish has been at the monger.

With the fish and seafood already cleaned, filleted and frozen before you buy it, you may wonder how you can determine quality. If you want to know if whole fish or seafood has been frozen in the correct way, look at the overall appearance of the product.

There should be no signs of freezer burn, such as white spots, and the product must be frozen solid. If the product is watery or not hard, then it was most probably not kept at the right temperature. Don’t buy it, even if it is in the fridge of the retailer. Only buy it if it is rock hard. Properly frozen fish, such as the fish snap or blast frozen from Sea Harvest, absorb almost no water. In this way, the flesh integrity is never compromised.

If you want to thaw seafood, do so overnight, or use a sealed bag to thaw it in cool water. However, when you buy Sea Harvest products, you can cook the seafood and fish from their frozen state with the exact same flavour as if bought fresh from the boat or seafood monger.

When defrosting fish, do it on a paper towel, and then simply pat it dry. If you defrost frozen fish, you can expect slightly more moisture to be released.

Final tip – buy Sea Harvest products which are properly frozen and ready to cook, as this will save you time and give you the assurance of quality.