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Date Posted: 22 August 2017

Sea Harvest Fish Market

Sea Harvest – From Small Fish Market Beginnings to a Company that Gives Bursaries

Anyone visiting a fish market in Saldanha Bay or Cape Town will want the freshest possible hake, and will thus want to buy products from Sea Harvest, who guarantees high-quality hake and seafood products. People visiting fish markets and buying Sea Harvest products will also be glad to know that the company is committed to education and supporting the youth of South Africa.

Instead of only awarding bursaries for study in the fishing industry, Sea Harvest has shown its commitment to education by spending in the region of R1 million a year on projects that promote community development.

Sea Harvest, a company that started as a small fish market opened by local fishermen with the goal of bringing the best hake and other seafood to the fish market at a good price, recently awarded 31 bursaries for study in various trades and fields to the youth of Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape.

Normally, companies offer bursaries for studies in their particular industry, but Sea Harvest has proven that commitment to community development means giving back, regardless of whether the company directly benefits from such. The company showed that it is not only concerned about products, skills and services related to the fish industry, but every type of market that could better the community through awarding bursaries.

Sea Harvest awarded bursaries for study in fields such as civil engineering, land surveying, theatre, and many other fields. The total value of the bursaries is R297 000, and the majority of students who qualified were female. As such, the company has also shown its commitment to the educational interests of female community members.

An event was hosted by Sea Harvest for the formal handing over of the bursaries, and the students were encouraged at the event to make education their focus, regardless of the social issues they face. The company also encouraged the students to work towards creating a positive influence in the industries in which they will work upon completion of their studies.

What the company has shown is that businesses should not only focus on what is in their best interest. Sea Harvest may have started small at a local fish market, but has grown into one of the leading fishing companies in the country, and has over the years shown its commitment to socio and economic development of the communities in which it operates.

The Sea Harvest Group, under the leadership of Felix Ratheb, listed on the JSE earlier this year. As a reputable fishing company in South Africa with a strong international presence, Sea Harvest is also a major employer in the Western Cape.