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Date Posted: 23 March 2017

Sea Harvest CI

Sea Harvest – Working Hard at Establishing a Caring CI 

Many companies speak about building a corporate identity that is relatable and caring towards its employees, their communities and the environment. Unfortunately, it often stays that way – just talk. At Sea Harvest, we’ve worked hard to establish a CI that speaks directly to our principles as a company. We are South Africa’s largest broad-based black-owned and managed fishing company. This is a reflection of our commitment to seeing true transformation through in South Africa, and a pillar of our CI.

85% of our company is owned by the shareholder Brimstone Investment Corporate. Through our primary investors, the financial benefits of Sea Harvest have reached more than a million beneficiaries from previously disadvantaged and impoverished communities. In fact, for many decades, we’ve been one of the largest employers in the Saldanha Bay Municipality area. Today, we are responsible for providing an income to more than 2 000 families.

We also remain committed to sustainable fishing and harvesting practices, in order to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Our fishery has Marine Stewardship Council certification, which is the gold standard for the responsible management of marine resources. This assures our consumers that they are indeed buying from a sustainable fishery. The commitment to adhere to international best practices, and to employ green fishing practices is quite evident in all that we do, and forms another pillar of our CI.

Working with Government to Further Grow Our Reach and Community Outreach

Sea Harvest depends, in large part, on government-allocated fishing rights, to protect the jobs of more than 2 400 employees on the West Coast. Of the approximate 2 400 people employed, 97% are previously disadvantaged. It’s clear to see how we are able to maintain our Level 2 B-BBEE employer status.

Our company contributes to the development and social upliftment of the Saldanha Bay Municipality in numerous ways, a legacy of which we are incredibly proud. As the single largest employer in the region, with additional income channelled to the community indirectly through preferential procurement, as well as through the Sea Harvest Foundation, our impact in the community is clear for all to see.

The Sea Harvest Foundation and a Lasting Legacy

Forming part of our CI is the Sea Harvest Foundation, which manages our company’s social investment programmes. The foundation’s philosophy has grown and evolved over the years, and we see it as a living philosophy capable of growing and adapting with the times. Today, the foundation is building capacity and empowering the communities in which Sea Harvest operates by way of sustainable economic and social upliftment projects.

We don’t just care about the environment that provides us with the incredible resources that we need to provide our products to the world, we also care about our people and local communities. Our Sea Harvest Foundation is nearly 20 years old, and has the aim of contributing to positive social change within Saldanha Bay and its surrounding communities. We have, subsequently, become an integral part of the West Coast region.

To date, we’ve invested millions of rands in projects through partnerships with government and non-profit organisations within the sphere of education, sports development, health, and community and business development. Through the foundation, we are able to support a number of corporate social investment programmes, allowing us to uplift and care for our fellow South Africans.

Giving Back to the Community That’s Helped Us Grow

We take our corporate responsibility seriously, and of huge importance to the Sea Harvest Foundation is the development of various organisations within the community, in which we continue to operate. Our company continues to look at various ways in which we can make a lasting positive impact on our employees and their communities.

This includes learnerships, internships and the assistance of hundreds of students from the West Coast in the form of bursaries. In fact, in 2016 alone, a total of 23 students in various fields of study, including electrical engineering and finance, received bursaries. If you would like to learn more about the Sea Harvest Foundation and our CI, and find out how we are giving back to our people and communities, contact us today.