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Frozen Seafood
Date Posted: 29 November 2017

Frozen Seafood

How Restaurants Benefit from Buying Frozen Seafood 

Although there is the general misconception that fresh seafood is always better than frozen seafood, the truth is that if you buy frozen seafood from reputable companies, such as Sea Harvest, and prepare the produce correctly, it can be just as delicious and even more than freshly caught seafood. 

Modern techniques of cleaning, processing, and freezing seafood make it possible to ensure optimal freshness. The seafood can be frozen out on sea within hours of reaching the trawler. This is why it is possible to import frozen seafood from reputable suppliers, and still get it as nutritious as when caught. Through the use of the flash freezing method, all the goodness and flavour of the seafood is preserved.

Fresh seafood, on the other hand, must be prepared immediately. You cannot store the seafood unless it is frozen. With flash freezing, all the microbiological activity is stopped, and the risk of the seafood being contaminated or posing a risk of food poisoning is drastically reduced and even eliminated, if the seafood is kept frozen until you are ready to cook it. Frozen seafood holds several other benefits, as discussed below.

Lower Environmental Impact 

Fresh fish and seafood will spoil after a short while and as such, to get the seafood to restaurants, it is necessary to transport the produce by air. This adds to the carbon emission problem and also to the price of the product. Frozen seafood is transported by vessel to the country of import or the harbour. After being processed at sea or at the harbour-based factory, the frozen seafood can be transported inland via rail or normal road transport.

Lower Level of Waste 

Unfortunately, a large part of fresh seafood goes to waste before it can reach the restaurant. Frozen seafood, if kept at the correct temperature, can be stored for a long period. This helps to reduce waste. Lower food wastage is important to reduce the impact on natural food resources. With frozen seafood and fish, such as Cape hake, the restaurant can purchase the exact amount needed and doesn’t have to throw away any fish or seafood.

Not Seasonal 

To reduce the impact on fish stocks, trawlers can only catch specific species during certain months. Fresh seafood is thus seasonal, whilst frozen seafood is not. The fish or seafood is caught in season and frozen. This makes the produce available throughout the year. With it comes another benefit – that of price stability. When produce becomes scarce, the price goes up. However, with frozen food, the produce is always available regardless of season. This ensures price stability, which is especially important in the hospitality industry where income and pricing projections must be made.

Sea Harvest offers an extensive range of frozen seafood specifically for the hospitality industry.