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Frozen Fish
Date Posted: 29 November 2017

Frozen Fish

The Benefits of Buying Frozen Fish in South Africa 

Did you know that frozen fish is just as healthy as freshly caught fish? By processing and freezing fish Sea Harvest makes it possible for you to enjoy seasonal fish throughout the year. You can thus enjoy scallops, prawns, mussels, and delectable Cape hake anytime of the year.

Frozen fish is just as healthy and delicious as freshly caught fish, especially when the fish is processed on the trawler and frozen immediately. In other instances, the fish is kept cold until it reaches the factory at the harbour, such as Mossel Bay or Saldanha Bay, where it is immediately processed and packaged.

Fresh Cape hake is not available everywhere, and it can take up to seven days to reach the retail outlets. Fortunately, when you buy fresh Sea Harvest Cape hake, you get it as fresh as it can be at one of our retail stores. However, with our amazing and sophisticated freezing and processing techniques, we can ensure that when you buy our frozen fish, it will be as tasty as our freshly caught fish.

Cost savings is another factor to consider. The fresh fish outlets normally cater to the upper middle and higher income groups. Frozen fish is suitable for all income groups, and because it can be up to 25% cheaper than fresh fish, you benefit from tremendous savings, while having nutritious proteins on your table.

With the longer shelf lives of frozen fish, retail and large food outlets can offer the fish at lower prices. With the product stability, also comes price stability – another benefit of buying frozen fish.

Since the fish is frozen on location or near the location where harvested or caught, the fish products, including Cape hake, can be exported or seafood imported. This is especially valuable for the catering and hospitality industries. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and lodges cannot get such large volumes of freshly caught fish delivered to their kitchens at affordable prices. With frozen fish, the establishments operating within the hospitality and catering industries are able to benefit from having fish products from other countries on their tables.

Fish is highly recommended as a healthy protein. With freezing, it is possible to ensure all-round availability of the fish. Freezing is a natural process and as such, there is no need for special preservatives to keep the fish fresh. You can prepare the portions you need and with it, reduce waste. With fresh fish, you must prepare the entire piece of fish.

Whether you live in Gauteng, the Western Cape, the Free State, or any other province of South Africa, buying frozen fish from the Sea Harvest brand enables you to enjoy premium-quality and healthy proteins throughout the year.