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Date Posted: 22 August 2017

Fresh Fish and Seafood

10 Benefits Reported on the Internet Regarding the Regular Consumption of Fresh Fish and Seafood

If frozen or fresh fish and seafood are not a regular part of your diet, consider the widely publicised health benefits of fresh or frozen fish and seafood on the internet and in the printed media.

  1. Healthy Mind

Environmental factors, diet, poor sleep patterns, exposure to pollution, substance abuse, and ageing all contribute to the loss of essential grey matter. The grey matter is tissue in the brain where neurons are located, which are responsible for memory formation. It has been noted that eating fish and seafood on a regular basis helps to reduce the loss of grey matter, improves memory and reduces cognitive-function decline.

  1. Rich Source of Omega-3 DHA

Frozen and fresh fish and seafood are significant sources of omega-3 DHA, which according to the various journal published studies is essential for good health. Although omega-3 is also found in plant foods and is called omega-3 ALA, the body converts such omega-3 into omega-3 DHA. It can thus be more beneficial to consume fish-based omega-3 DHA, than plant-based omega-3.

  1. Improvement in Sleep

Many people struggle with sleep disorders. The reasons for this range from stress to poor eating habits, medication, anxiety, pain, and more. Exposure to blue light and electronic devices has also been noted as a possible reason for sleep disorders. However, some studies suggest that consuming fresh fish and seafood could help to improve sleep. Since sleep is an essential component for healthy living, rejuvenation and mental alertness, eating fish or seafood on a regular basis can thus help to improve overall body functioning.

  1. Improvement in Vision

Poor vision in old age is often the result of macular degeneration. Studies have been conducted that show a positive correlation in the lowering of the risk of macular degeneration in females and regular fish consumption. Eating fish and seafood can thus help you reduce the risk of vision impairment associated with macular degeneration.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is when the body’s immune system starts to attack healthy body tissue. Diabetes Type 1 is such a condition, where the insulin-producing cells are attacked. Studies have been done that show a link between reduced risk of autoimmune-related diabetes in adults, and regular consumption of omega-3. As fish and seafood contain omega-3, regular consumption of these products can thus help to reduce autoimmune-function disorders.

  1. Contains Vitamin D

Studies have shown that a large part of the world population is Vitamin D deficient. People in nursing homes are often Vitamin D deficient because they don’t get enough exposure to natural sunlight, and sometimes also don’t get enough Vitamin D in their diets. Vitamin D is important for the body’s functioning. Fish and seafood are excellent sources of Vitamin D and, as such, regular consumption can help you stay healthier.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Depression

Omega-3 deficiency has been linked to increased risk of depression. Scientific trials have linked omega-3 to the reduction of depression. Eating frozen or fresh fish and seafood can thus help to improve your overall mood and reduce the risk of depression.

  1. Beneficial for Asthma Patients

Asthma is one of the very widespread chronic conditions suffered by children around the world. The occurrence of asthma has become alarming over the past few decades. Studies have, however, linked regular consumption of fish with a lower risk of children developing asthma. 

  1. Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks

Regular consumption of fish and seafood may also reduce the risk of heart attacks. Studies have shown a link between regular fish consumption and reduced instances of heart attacks among males.

  1. Easy to Prepare

Fish and seafood are easy to prepare, packed with nutrients, and are exceptionally delicious. Indeed, fish is also rather affordable compared to many other proteins. Include one to three portions of fish and seafood in your weekly diet plan to experience the benefits. Your family will love our range of products, the ease of preparation and the many mouth-watering recipes to help you make memorable and nutritious dinners.

Sea Harvest is known for following sustainable fishing practices and being part of several conservation efforts. Therefore, when you buy Sea Harvest fresh or frozen fish and seafood, you are eating healthy protein and playing your part in reducing the environmental impact of harvesting fish from the ocean.

DISCLAIMER: Sea Harvest is not making any health claims regarding the consumption of fish and seafood. The article merely reflects what has been published in the media about the benefits of regular fish and seafood consumption.