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Date Posted: 20 April 2017

Felix Ratheb

Sea Harvest – The Company that Hopes to Grow through Sustainable Fishing Practices

Sea Harvest is one of the most important employers on the South African West Coast and has shown great commitment to socio-economic development and sustainable fishing.

Our company extended its international footprint in 2016 with a 56% acquirement of Mareterram Ltd, a well-established Perth-based company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Felix Ratheb was quoted in the media for stating that the Mareterram investment would make it possible for diversification of Sea Harvest’s revenue, and give the company a strong foothold in the Australian currency.

Under the leadership of Felix Ratheb, the Sea Harvest Group (SHG) listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) on 23 March 2017. Group market capitalisation of R3.14 billion was attained. The company will use the money raised from the listing towards debt payment and to ensure growth towards the vision to expand the company’s local and international reach in becoming an international diversified seafood company.

The company’s listing on the JSE marks the reaching of a milestone in its 53 years of operation, which began in 1964 with the Saldanha fishing operations. The company has since then managed to create international markets for the Cape Hake, which has become an internationally loved white fish species.

Brimstone, which has been a shareholder in Sea Harvest since 1998, has recently acquired a 55% share in the Sea Harvest Group. Brimstone has investments in various industries, including financial services, infrastructure, healthcare, and food. It is a black-controlled firm with a commitment to broaden SA economic transformation

We follow the EAG ecosystems approach to fishery, ensuring that all fishing activities are science-based and that sustainable practices are followed. This is also evident in our Maritime Stewardship Council certification.

As part of the SA Deep Sea Industry Association, we follow ethical and responsible approaches to minimise our environmental impact, such as only fishing in previously trawled fishing areas, as part of the commitment not to cause damage to areas not previously trawled. South Africans also have the assurance that Cape hake will not be over-fished and as such, generations in the future will still be able to enjoy the delicious fish produce that we deliver.

Sea Harvest was recently voted the No.7 Icon Brand in SA in the Icon Brand consumer survey under the CEO leadership of Felix Ratheb. As a significant employer in the Western Cape, Sea Harvest also has the support and commitment of our many employees to succeed. We have fresh fish processing units in Mossel Bay and Saldanha. These plants have been built specifically on deep-water quays, enabling the trawlers to offload right into the factories, and thus reducing the time from catch to processing.

Our fish products are blast, quick or plate frozen at the factories, ensuring preservation for the supply to retail and food service markets locally and internationally. In addition, we supply chilled fillets, gutted fish and head-on fresh fish, which are packaged at the plants for shipment to international markets.

Strong Leadership under CEO Felix Ratheb

Felix Ratheb completed his BSc. Electrical Engineering Degree in 1995, and his MBA in the year 2000.

He was appointed as CEO of Sea Harvest Corp (Pry) Ltd in 2013, one of South Africa’s most empowered companies.

With more than 15 years of experience in the fishing industries and FMCG, he has provided strong leadership since his appointment. Although now well-known for his leadership role in the company, and his focus on sustainable and responsible usage of ocean resources, Felix Ratheb originally worked as an International Trade Executive in the non-ferrous metal industry.

He joined Sea Harvest back in 2003 as the Commercial Manager, where he worked closely with the factories and gained valuable experience. He took up the role as the Sales & Marketing Director three years later.

International Presence

Felix has an international footprint, with him being a Groundfish Forum board member. The Forum is the largest international white fish conference.

He is also an independent trustee of the MSC Board of Trustees in the UK. MSC is the leading sustainability fish stocks programme in the world.

In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of Mareterram Ltd, Cape Harvest Foods Pty Ltd, Seavuna Fishing Co. Pty Ltd, Desert Diamond Fishing Co. Pty Ltd, and the Marine Stewardship Council, in addition to Cape Haddie Australia Pty Ltd, the Sea Harvest International Pty Ltd, and the Sea Harvest Group Ltd.

Under the strong leadership of Felix Ratheb, the JSE listing will make it possible for the company to reach its full potential, which will benefit shareholders, business partners, its employees and customers, in addition to local communities. Sea Harvest aims for more growth and to increase its margin through investments and acquisitions locally and internationally.