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Sea Harvest ‘Sail Boat’ Fish Cakes

A smart and creative way for your children to enjoy the great benefits of Sea Harvest fish.

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Flower Fish Cakes

Pure enjoyment guaranteed! Not only will your kids get the great taste of Sea Harvest Fishcakes, but they’ll get a chance to be creative too.

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Fish Finger Kites

Another creative way to make your kids lunchtime fun and interesting.Fish fingers , with vegetables transformed into a kite.

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Hake Fillets With A Pizza Topping

Hake fillets with a delicious but simple pizza topping, ideal for a quick Friday evening meal.Any variation of your choice can be made, add parmesan cheese, capers or anchovies.

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Pita Fish Cakes

A creative and tasty way to get your children to eat healthy. Crisp and golden Sea Harvest Fishcakes wrapped in a vegetable filled pita.

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Fish Burgers

A great meal that can be eaten at lunch or dinner. Golden Sea Harvest Fishcakes in toasted pita bread.

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Lion Fish Cakes

A fun way to get your kids to help with lunch. Golden, brown Sea Harvest Fishcakes topped with vegetables and a taste of the orient.

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Fish Fish Cakes

Our favourite recipe and a guaranteed hit with the kids. A great meal, creatively presented.

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Fish Finger Train

A fun and interesting Fish Finger meal for the kids, all you need is some time and creativity.

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Crispy fishcakes with buttery mash and spring vegetables

A great way to your kids to eat healthy. Crisp and golden Sea Harvest fishcakes together with spring vegetables.

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Popular recipes
South Africa: Pickled Fish:
A traditional Cape Malay favourite with crushed ginger and sultanas.
Roasted Hake Medallions with Lemon Rosemary Butter Sauce:
Succulent Sea Harvest Hake Medallions in a decadent and zesty Lemon Rosemary Sauce – made to be enjoyed.
Pepperdew & Feta Kebabs:
Hake pepperdew and feta kebabs served on rice with a side salad.
Top rated recipes
Haddock Chowder
A well smoked and deliciously creamy chowder , flavoured with mustard , celery and Worcestershire sauce drizzled with luscious cream and freshly chopped parsley.