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Brazil: Brazilian Fish Stew

Warm up with this delectable duo of hake and prawn in coconut and tomato sauce on a bed of rice.

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China: Sweet and Sour Fish Parcels

Deep fried explosions of flavour with hake and stir-fry vegetables.

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Creamy Haddock Pie

Creamy haddock pie is comfort food, a hearty, homely meal filled with protein and all the right nutrients. Good for your family, good for your waistline!

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Fish Breyani

A wonderful breyani story is that Mumtaz Mahal, the beauty who sleeps in India’s Taj Mahal, concocted this dish as a ‘complete meal’ to feed India’s armies.

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France: Hake and Onion Quiche

The Provencal influences of nutmeg, eggs, cream, and chives all work towards this hake reaching its full potential.

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Greece: Hake Moussaka

This delicately spiced moussaka, with grilled cheese topping is perfect with just a large green salad.

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Italy: Hake Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce

Hake and herbs go perfectly together with a trace of garlic and parsley beneath a unique two-sauce topping.

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Kingklip Sosaties

In the creation of sosaties, firm fish like Kingklip are marinated overnight in a variety of spices and juices, then threaded on skewers. The result is lean and gloriously tasty. Enjoy!

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Mexico: Mexican Fried Fish on a guacamole bean salad

Crisp polenta batter with spiced beans and the zing of lemon.

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Roasted Hake Medallions with Lemon Rosemary Butter Sauce

Succulent Sea Harvest Hake Medallions in a decadent and zesty Lemon Rosemary Sauce made to be enjoyed.

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Blue Water Bistro BouillabaisseHake fingers wrapped in Parma Ham with a Confit of tomatoesKingklip With Cajun Rub And Jasmine Paw Paw SaladPolenta Crusted Seared SalmonSalmon steak in honey-herbed crust with butter bean pureeCreamy Cape Chowder

Popular recipes
South Africa: Pickled Fish:
A traditional Cape Malay favourite with crushed ginger and sultanas.
Roasted Hake Medallions with Lemon Rosemary Butter Sauce:
Succulent Sea Harvest Hake Medallions in a decadent and zesty Lemon Rosemary Sauce made to be enjoyed.
Pepperdew & Feta Kebabs:
Hake pepperdew and feta kebabs served on rice with a side salad.
Top rated recipes
Haddock Chowder
A well smoked and deliciously creamy chowder , flavoured with mustard , celery and Worcestershire sauce drizzled with luscious cream and freshly chopped parsley.