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Crispy Fish Nicoise Salad

A divine deviation from the French classic. Simple to prepare yet sophisticated on the palate.

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Crumbed Fish with Chilli Noodles

A delectable taste of the Asian persuasion. Simple, spicy and scrumptious.

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Crumbed Fish with Fruity Couscous

Nutritious and delicious. A delectable combination of colour and flavour.

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Jambalaya Crispy Fish

A fresh, Carribean-inspired treat for every occasion. Balanced and beautiful.

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Crispy Fish Finger Burgers

The traditional favourite of all ages with a twist of chutney and a wholesome crunch.

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Cape Whiting Steaks in Green Curry

Healthy and hearty. A meal that is filled with wonderful flavours and scrumptious textures.

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Japan: Hake and Nori Wraps

A jubilee of julienned styled carrots, hake, shaved lettuce, cucumber and avo with spicy dipping sauce.

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Sole with Baby Spinach and Orange Sauce ♥

Heart Mark Approved. The good old favourite with a new twist! Give your sole and spinach some zest orange zest, that is!

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Spain: Cheesy Garlic Grill Bakes on a pile of Spanish chickpeas

Enjoy a burst of spice from paprika and peppers hidden underneath a sprinkle of cheese.

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Fresh Cape Whiting With A Greek Style Salad ♥

Heart Mark approved. Hake, Baby marrows and peas medley with a Greek style dressing.

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South Africa: Pickled Fish:
A traditional Cape Malay favourite with crushed ginger and sultanas.
Roasted Hake Medallions with Lemon Rosemary Butter Sauce:
Succulent Sea Harvest Hake Medallions in a decadent and zesty Lemon Rosemary Sauce made to be enjoyed.
Pepperdew & Feta Kebabs:
Hake pepperdew and feta kebabs served on rice with a side salad.
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Haddock Chowder
A well smoked and deliciously creamy chowder , flavoured with mustard , celery and Worcestershire sauce drizzled with luscious cream and freshly chopped parsley.