Sea Harvest Fish Path

To ensure that our product gets to your plate the following process takes place.Sea Paw the Polar Bear

Sea through port hole

Step 1

Sea Harvest Fishermen spend days at sea throughout the year catching the fish.


sorting fish in the warehouse

Step 2

Sea Harvest fishing vessels known as Trawlers have electronic equipment like the sonar and radar to help them identify the size and type of fish. Once fish is caught it is processed and iced on board under strict hygienic conditions.

processing fish by hand

Step 3

At the Sea Harvest harbour in Saldanha Fish is offloaded, sorted by species and graded according to size and quality.


Sea Harvest Kids recipe

Step 4

The fish is further processed in a big Sea Harvest factory. Processing is the further preparation of foods for the purpose of preservation or making more complex foods such as meals. There are different types of processing done depending on the desired end product. Simple forms are filleting, cleaning, skinning, freezing or packing fresh. More sophisticated examples of processing include, smoking, coating, pre-frying and seasoning.

on board the ship

Step 5



Sea Harvest Packaging

Step 6

The fish is then packaged in beautiful Sea Harvest boxes and sent to the supermarkets where it is bought by Moms and Dads to prepare best meals for their families.

It’s as simply as that, Sea Harvest – We just Do Fish