man working on ship Sea Harvest is a leading and innovative South African fishing company established in 1964 in the harbour town of Saldanha on the west coast of South Africa to catch, process and market Cape Capensis (Merluccius spp).

The company is vertically integrated and owns all its fishing vessels and processing facilities on the Atlantic West Coast in Saldanha as well as on the India Ocean coast in Mossel Bay.

Sea Harvest employs more than 2 000 people and has capacity to catch and process over 40,000 tons of Cape Capensis per annum. It is an efficient and cost effective operation with ongoing development of new technology and processes. The shore-based plants incorporate state-of-the art equipment and techniques and produce a range of natural and coated products for both retail and foodservice markets locally and internationally.

The company has been packing for a selection of leading international brands since its inception and also markets its own products internationally under the Sea Harvest and Cape Haddie brands.

One of Sea Harvest’s core competencies is its flexibility to catch and process its raw material according to customer specifications.


Cape CapensisSea Harvest’s main species, Merluccius Capensis and Merluccius Paradoxus, commonly known as Cape Capensis or Cape Hake, is caught off the south west coast of Southern Africa where the cold Benguela current sweeps up from the Antarctic. This unpolluted, nutrient-rich water yields the firm, white-fleshed fish that has become sought after in local and international markets. Another advantage of the specie is year-round availability, ensuring consistent supply and continuity of market support.

The Industry

The South African Hake fishing industry is regulated by the South African government through a quota based system. Marine and Coastal Management, a department within the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, manages the industry regulations as well as undertaking scientific research to ensure the sustainable utilisation of marine and coastal resources. The hake resource is scientifically assessed annually and the TAC (Total Allowed Catch) of the species is adjusted accordingly.
Sea Harvest, as one of the pioneering companies in the South African fishing industry, has been awarded 15 year fishing rights and is one of the largest rights holders in the industry. Sea Harvest was also a founding member of the South African Deep Sea Trawl Industry Association (SADSTIA). SADSTIA interacts with government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other interested parties for the benefit of the South African deep-sea trawl industry.

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boats in portSustainability

The South African Deep Sea and In-Shore Hake Trawl Fishery, of which Sea Harvest is a rights holder, has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC is the worlds leading certification and eco-labeling programme for sustainable seafood. Sea Harvest was the first fishing company in South Africa to obtain MSC Chain of Custody (CoC). All Sea Harvest South African Hake products can therefore carry the coveted blue MSC logo, assuring customers and consumers of environmentally responsible fishing practices.

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Fishing Operations

Sea Harvest operates its own fleet of single and twin fresh fish trawlers, in-shore trawlers and a factory freezer trawler. Fishing takes place 15 to 120 nautical miles from the shore at depths of between 400m and 800m.

On the fresh fish trawlers the fish are headed & gutted at sea and packed on ice for delivery to the company’s shore-based processing facilities. Sea Harvest’s state of the art freezer trawler, Harvest Lindiwe, catches and immediately processes the fish into a range of products that are deep-skinned, deboned and individually quick frozen at sea.