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Boat at seaSea Harvest is a South African deep sea trawling company established in 1964 on the Atlantic West Coast of South Africa. As a vertically integrated company, Sea Harvest owns all its fishing vessels and processing facilities. From its head office in Cape Town, the company markets and distributes its wide range of products to diverse markets around the world.

Sea Harvest’s key species are Merluccius Capensis and Merluccius Paradoxus, commonly known as Cape Capensis or Cape Hake, the firm white-fleshed fish that has become sought after in local and international markets. Cape Capensis is caught off the west and south coasts of Southern Africa where the unpolluted, nutrient-rich water of the cold Benguela current sweeps up from the Antarctic.

Sea Harvest’s advanced fleet includes single and twin fresh fish trawlers as well as a factory freezer trawler. Sea Harvest’s factory freezer trawler, the Harvest Lindiwe, is unique in South African and international hake fisheries, producing the highest quality deep-skinned, deboned individually quick frozen fillets at sea.

The company’s processing facilities are on the quay-side, ensuring the fastest possible transfer from fresh fish trawlers to land-based factories. Besides fresh fish processing into products such as fillets, steaks and loins, the company produces a wide range of coated, grilled and other value added products for the local and international markets.  All Sea Harvest processing facilities are fully EU, United States F.D.A and H.A.C.C.P. accredited. In addition to these, the value added processing facility is BRC accredited.

The South African Hake Trawl Fishery is certified as a sustainable fishery by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). As a rights holder in this fishery, all Sea Harvest South African Hake products carry the coveted blue MSC label, assuring consumers that the resource is managed responsibly and that the fishing practices have not contributed to the world-wide problem of over fishing. Sea Harvest also participates in several regional conservation initiatives including the Responsible Fisheries Alliance (RFA) in cooperation with the International World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


Serving local and international markets for nearly 50 years Boats in Port


Sea Harvest is one of the largest hake producers in South Africa and markets a variety of products under its own brand. These products include natural cuts such as skinless and skin-on fillets, moulded portions and a range of value-added products.

Sea Harvest is the leading and most trusted fish brand in South Africa. Its retail products are distributed to all the major supermarket chains and can be bought in more than 2,000 stores countrywide. Additionally, all frozen hake products for Woolworths, South Africa’s premier private label food brand, are processed and packed by Sea Harvest.

Sea Harvest is one of South Africa’s leading importers and distributors of frozen seafood to the catering and hospitality industry. The company has aligned itself with producers in many countries and imports a range of products from approved and established suppliers around the world. Sea Harvest offers its own brand of Cape Hake products such as fillets and value added products. Sea Harvest has been packing for leading international brands since its inception in 1964. The company’s strategy has always been to align itself with the leading brands and role players in the global markets. Products include natural fillets, steaks, loins, moulded portions and a variety of value added products.

A premium range of products are exported, such as fresh hake that is air-freighted and frozen at sea IQF fillets.

Sea Harvest’s global footprint includes Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Holland. One of Sea Harvest’s core competencies is its flexibility to process and pack its raw material according to customer specifications